Printer and computer equipment rental

For businesses and self-employed individuals

At ICON tech Torrevieja, we offer you the support you need to install or upgrade your company’s computer system. Renting could be your best option; you’ll maintain your liquidity intact, with fixed installments and total flexibility.

Renting can be applied to any computer equipment you need for your activity, such as computers, printers, telephony, networks, etc.


We have a wide catalog of models for any need and type of company or self-employed individual.

Choose your printer and you’ll only pay the monthly fee for the equipment plus the price per copy; just worry about putting the paper, we’ll take care of the rest. (Warranty, maintenance, and consumables)

Multifunction printer
HP LaserJet Color M480F

Monthly payment


Price per black copy: 0,007€
Price per color copy: 0.07€

  • Printer HP M480F
  • 4 year warranty with on-site technical service
  • Consumables delivery
  • Monitoring

Multifunction Printer
Bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e

Monthly payment


Price per black copy: 0,006€
Price per color copy: 0.06€

  • Printer Bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e
  • 5 year warranty with on-site technical service
  • Consumables delivery​
  • Monitoring


Today, computers are indispensable in our work life. For some, they are the most essential tools in their work. We understand that this type of equipment is not cheap, which is why we will help you obtain them in a flexible and personalized way.

We have equipment for any type of business, whether it’s servers, laptops, desktop PCs, all-in-one units, etc. We tailor the offer to the needs of your company.


Desktop PC


Frequently Asked Questions

Printer leasing is a business model in which a company or individual pays a fixed fee, usually monthly, for the use of printers. Instead of purchasing printers and incurring separate costs for maintenance, repairs, and supplies, leasing offers the advantage of having a comprehensive service.

Computer equipment leasing is a business model in which a company or individual pays a fixed fee, usually monthly, for the use of all computer equipment associated with the contract and needs. Instead of purchasing computers, servers, or laptops, they are paid for in installments tailored to the customer.

The duration of the leasing contract depends on the request of each client. Typically, they have a duration of 2 to 5 years, depending on the flexibility and cost of the equipment.

In the case of printer leasing, you will have maintenance for any type of incident, spare parts, and consumables.

At the end of the leasing period, you will have the option to purchase the equipment depending on the type of leasing contract you have.

Leasing is a flexible and personalized product for companies and self-employed individuals.

Generally, the necessary documentation would be as follows:

  • ID of the signer
  • Insurance recipt where the equipment will be installed
  • Corporate tax return from the last year (for companies)
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number for signature
  • IBAN for direct debit of invoices

The customer will pay the proportional VAT in the monthly payment of each installment and will receive the invoices by email or postal mail.

Leasing is considered a business expense because it is a necessary tool for business tasks.

Up to 100% of the leasing payment can be deducted in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF), and additionally, we can request a VAT deduction.



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