We specialize in consumer technology. We offer personalized solutions tailored to your needs in telecommunications, information technology, and web design.


Design & Development

When visiting a website, we are usually primarily impacted by its design; however, there are many aspects that we must carefully design and consider to offer quick, comfortable, and user-centric navigation.

We develop all types of web pages:

  • Digitize your business
  • Showcase your product
  • Online Shop
  • Digital Menu

100% Legal

We comply with European regulations on data protection and cookies on all our websites, as well as legal documents on online stores.

Responsive Web

All our websites are optimized to automatically adapt their design to any device: mobile, tablet, or PC.

Effective Websites

We design attractive and fast websites, optimized for SEO and user-centric, thus achieving better positioning.

Home Delivery service

From 39€ including VAT.

  • Do you need us to set up your new computer at home?
  • Do you want us to configure your devices or internet?
  • Do you need to repair your PC, but do you want us to pick it up and deliver it to your home?

We take care of everything!

Services for companies and self-employed individuals

We offer various services for companies; we help you digitize your business, take care of your IT system maintenance, and provide leasing services for businesses.


Do you think you’re paying too much on your mobile and fiber bill?

We are official distributors of operators such as Digi, Lowi, Simyo, TVT Fibra, MasMovil, O2, and many more. Covering the country’s main networks in mobile coverage and fiber.

We offer you final prices, without temporary offers or complications.

  • We search for the best rate for you
  • No complications
  • No surprises on the bill
  • We take care of everything