LOWI drops prices with Fibra Fit, new fiber and mobile rate for 20€ per month

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In a strategic move to counter growing competition from low-cost providers, Vodafone has decided to pivot its second brand, Lowi. The company has announced the launch of its new line of rates called Fibra Fit, intended exclusively for customers who have direct fiber coverage from the Vodafone network.

The challenge comes especially from competitors like Digi, whose ability to offer extremely cheap rates has tested the patience of large operators. Digi, with its offer of 500 Mb of Smart fiber for only €15, has stood out as a serious competitor that none of the large companies has managed to match until now.

Lowi’s focus with Fibra Fit is clear: segment rates to make them much more competitive for those customers who receive direct coverage from its network. This strategy leverages the company’s infrastructure, which includes Ono’s legacy HFC cable and an extensive FTTH fiber network deployed to millions of homes.

  • Fiber Fit 600 Mbps + Mobile with 15 GB and unlimited calls for 20€ per month.
  • Fiber Fit 1 Gbps + Mobile with 100 GB and unlimited calls for 28€ per month.
  • Fiber Fit 1 Gbps + Mobile with 200 GB and unlimited calls for 33€ per month.

However, Lowi’s new offer does not come without conditions. To contract Fibra Fit, clients must commit to a 12-month retention period, a duration noticeably longer than the 3 months required for usual rates. In exchange, users will have access to added features such as 5G, VoLTE calls and the possibility of accumulating gigabytes, in addition to the option of adding up to 4 additional mobile lines at competitive prices.

With this move, Lowi seeks not only to maintain its position in the market, but also to respond effectively to consumer demands in an increasingly competitive and dynamic environment. The battle for customer loyalty and attracting new users is intensifying across the telecommunications landscape, and the arrival of Fibra Fit represents a bold step forward in this ever-evolving battlefield.

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